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SOBA Recovery Center.

The SOBA Recovery Center(SRC) is a holistic program supervised by some of the most experienced Treatment professionals in the Industry.”

SOBA Texas welcomes you to discover ALL the positive things life has in store for you when you are ready to move forward

The emphasis here is “WHEN YOU ARE READY”. When you finally realize your life has become unmanageable due to drug or alcohol addiction, and you sincerely desire to turn that around for yourself – rather than trying to please someone else – you have an excellent chance of succeeding. Ready? Pick up the phone and call us at (866) 547-6451. You will be speaking with someone who has similar experiences with the same feelings and emotions you may be going through right now.


We truly believe our treatment methods here at SOBA are the most successful in the country

We do things quite differently than other alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers. We measure success by the number of patients who STAY clean and sober, and in this respect we have achieved an enviable track record in our west coast rehab centers. We’re bringing this to San Antonio, Texas in 2014.


We don’t just treat symptoms, we treat the underlying causes

Drug and alcohol use are just symptoms of an underlying illness, and most treatment centers just deal with the symptoms in a “quickie” 30-day program. We believe the results are bound to fail each time because it does not address the three phases of recovery.


  • Treatment of chemical dependency.
  • Treatment of the underlying psychological illness.
  • Step-by-step integration back into society.

We strongly recommend at least a 90-day treatment program. Some of our patients have stayed in the program as long as 6 months to one year with the help of our Sober Living Aftercare to follow.

Learn more about our treatment protocol here


Enjoy all the comforts of home at SOBA Texas in San Antonio

A gorgeous Ranch House on 10 peaceful acres surrounded by natural wildlife awaits you. Multiple charming indoor and outdoor living spaces, a highly qualified and caring staff 24 hours, and the comforting support of others just like you to ensure that you will feel safe and right at home.
Learn more on our ABOUT US.


You could pay more at another facility, but that does not guarantee better treatment

We work with most insurance companies, and we will be happy to verify your coverage at no cost or obligation. Feel free to fill out our insurance form and submit or contact us anytime at (866) 547-6451 if you have any further questions.



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