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We Believe in Your Recovery.

Phase 1

You’ll become acquainted with the other residents and adjust to the rhythm of daily life at SOBA Texas. Your mandate is simple: To refrain from all mood-altering drugs and alcohol so that your brain can begin to heal.


You’ll be paired with a primary therapist and participate in daily group therapy sessions. Before you know it, you’ll to get a sense of what normalcy looks like.

Phase 2

This phase is designed to start healing your relationships with self, family, and the community at large. It requires a much deeper look into issues you may not even be aware of – some of them perhaps going back to early childhood.

Early Recovery

Phase II identifies and repairs the damage and encourages taking responsibility for actions that have contributed to the problems. You will learn about and apply spiritual principles that will help you find your way back to a happy, productive life.

Phase 3

This is the most important phase of recovery, and it is the one most overlooked in other programs. By this time you will have demonstrated personal growth and the ability to take responsibility for your actions.

On-Going Recovery

f you have a job to go back to, you will do so, and then come back to your SOBA home in the evening where a residential manager looks after everyone’s welfare. If you do not have a job, we will assist you in finding one and developing a plan for financial independence.

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World-Class Treatment

Why Choose
Soba Texas?

The staff at SOBA Texas is devoted to making addiction to alcohol or drug abuse, relapse, and the toll it takes in all areas of our clients’ lives and the lives of their families, a thing of the past. Our expert team in our unique environment, utilizing proven methods and treatment services will develop a customized treatment plan for you or your loved one at our recovery center to ensure that you get the best care possible.

From inpatient treatment programs to intensive outpatient treatment options, transitional assistance, and aftercare, Soba Texas provides treatment modalities to meet your needs. When you’re ready, our recovery program can help you overcome substance use disorder. We use a combination of individual therapy and group therapy at our treatment facility designed to help you on the road to wellness.

  • We Don't Just Treat the Symptoms, We Treat the Underlying Causes
  • Paying More for Treatment Does Not Guarantee Better Quality
  • Enjoy the Comforts of Home at Our San Antonio Ranch
  • We Believe Our Treatment Methods are the Most Successful in the US
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The Soba Recovery method works

Texas Addiction Treatment

The emphasis at SOBA is “WHEN YOU ARE READY.” When you finally realize your life has become unmanageable due to drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction, and you sincerely desire to turn that around for yourself (rather than trying to please someone else) – you have an excellent chance of addiction recovery success at our residential treatment center.


Soba Texas offers those struggling with chemical dependency and alcohol abuse an innovative detoxification process that helps clients quit using in a safe environment. At our San Antonio treatment center, each client will undergo detox based on their individual needs and can expect 24/7 care during this phase of treatment.

Are You Ready to Take Back Your Life?

The Soba Texas Difference in Treating Addiction

We do things quite differently than some other drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. We measure success by the number of clients who STAY clean and sober. In this respect, we have achieved an enviable track record of sober living at our West Coast substance abuse, drug rehab, and alcohol rehab centers. We’ve brought this to San Antonio, Texas in 2014.

  • Joint Commission Accredited Facilities
  • Expert, Professional Staff with Decades of Experience
  • Full Continuum of Care, Meaning Treatment from Beginning to End

We Work With Most
Major Insurance Providers.


This place is perfect. The staff are awesome and they take such great care of the clients. Its better than you can imagine! They will give you your life back!!!

Shonda G.

The staff are all awesome! Kind, caring and knowledgeable. Dedicated to helping everyone in recovery. The facilities are first class. If you know someone struggling with addiction this is a excellent treatment center.

Reba C.
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