San Antonio Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Being discharged from an inpatient program can be intimidating. For many, it means that you are going to immerse yourself back into reality, which might mean facing triggers and your addiction head-on.

Not everyone is ready to pick up where they left off once they finish inpatient treatment. Some people need a little more support for the first month after being hospitalized, and that’s okay. It’s also not unexpected.

Outpatient services often work as a bridge for those leaving inpatient. They can become more comfortable leaving the facility and heading into the real world while returning for therapy and treatment.

But, some people need an extra level of care, which is where an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) comes into play.

If you or a loved one want a bit more monitoring after completing inpatient services, consider entering Soba Recovery’s San Antonio Intensive Outpatient Program.

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) comes after a patient completes a detoxification residential inpatient program but still needs strict oversight. For the month following an exit from inpatient services, a patient that is undergoing an intensive outpatient program will be monitored to prove that they are not a danger to themselves.

This program allows for a person to begin taking the steps needed to reenter society while receiving a higher level of care and stabilization than they would otherwise.

These patients are allowed to leave and go home or spend time with friends and family, but they must come back and attend daily wellness meetings. It’s like offering all of the inpatient programs but under the likeness of intensive outpatient treatment.

Additionally, an IOP is catered to your individual needs. You might receive different treatment options or methods compared to other patients.

What To Expect in an IOP

When you enter into an Intensive Outpatient Program, there are different requirements you need to meet. These all pertain to the methods of treatment, different activities to participate in, and your overall recovery journey.

In an IOP, you will attend both individual therapy and group therapy. This will allow you to understand your connection to substance abuse better and find mental health support from other people fighting substance use disorder. Community is key.

Through support groups and recreational activities, you can find common ground with other patients. During an IOP, one of our goals is to introduce you to other sober individuals so that you can continue developing healthy connections once you’ve left our facility.

You will have to be at the facility for several hours every day that you are there, in which you will complete your treatments (like behavioral therapy). You should take note of your feelings and reactions so you can discuss them during meetings and reinforce a healthier way of living.

This type of program usually lasts a month and serves as a transition treatment.

Benefits of an IOP

There are countless benefits to addiction treatment programs, but the IOP is different. We here at the Soba Recovery Center of San Antonio understand that recovery isn’t linear, and there is always a chance for relapse.

If you are being discharged from an inpatient program, going right back into the real world might be cause enough for a relapse. We want to prevent that.

Intensive Outpatient Programs enforce accountability for your actions but with unwavering support. You can begin dipping your toes into normalcy, knowing that you have a program to come back to and support you. IOPs allow for patients to slowly regain their confidence in participating in day-to-day life throughout their recovery.

You have access to professional addiction specialists and therapists that can assist you in all parts of your recovery. You are able to speak with them whenever you need.

The IOP is also flexible to your needs and schedule. We know that after weeks or months in inpatient, you are eager to spend time with your family and friends. You might even be looking forward to working again! Creating healthy habits is essential in the path to recovery.

With our program, we can help you continue to grow in your sobriety and learn how to function during times of stress without opioids reliance or other forms of substance abuse.

How Soba San Antonio Can Help

The Intensive Outpatient Program at Soba Recovery Treatment Center in San Antonio, Texas, is just one step in the entirety of your recovery process, but it can be essential.

Everyone has different needs, but at Soba we have a variety of treatment plans to help fit your needs. Our IOP was created to offer you a helping hand between inpatient and outpatient services.

During the last few days of inpatient services, we might assess where you are in your recovery and if you could benefit from something beyond what our outpatient services offer. If this is the case, our specialists will introduce our Intensive Outpatient Program to see if it might be a better fit.

No matter what, the treatment services you receive at Soba will be professional and specialized.

Reach out to a Soba representative today to learn more about the IOP, family therapy, partial hospitalization programs, and other programs available.