Being an adult and trying to have a social life while sober can be intimidating. So often you hear, “Want to grab a drink?” or “We should meet up at the bar this weekend!” when trying to make plans with people, especially when they don’t know you are sober. Usually, the worst part is announcing your sobriety and hoping people don’t look at you differently.

If you are looking for something fun to do this week that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol, we have you covered. Keep reading to learn our favorite sober activities.

Being Sober Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Being sober and in recovery from substance abuse doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore. You don’t need substances to have a good time. It’s all about the way you frame situations in your mind and make the best of them. Having good people who support your sobriety and can be creative when planning an activity makes having fun even easier.

It’s also important to note that many activities that you did while you were using can still be done without using. You can attend concerts, shows, and events without drinking or using drugs and have the same amount of fun as you thought you were having before. Hanging with friends or going to grab dinner doesn’t need to include drinking.

By staying busy and having fun with yourself and friends, you end up helping your chances of not relapsing. When you are motivated and looking forward to things, you are less likely to turn back to substances.

Fun Sober Activities To Do

You could come up with a million activities, but sometimes things can start to feel redundant. Only some have the funds to go out on lavish weekend trips every month or treat themselves to weekly spa excursions, so coming up with unique and sometimes easy activities is the key.

You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with coming up with a new activity every day but will want to have go-to’s that never fail to bring you joy. You can do the following things while sober and still enjoy every second.

1. Dinner and a Movie

We know this is a classic, but you can truly never go wrong! You have two options here. Option one: Find a friend or a date and go out to your favorite restaurant, following it up with a new movie at the most comfortable theater in town.

Second option: order some delicious take-out and put something on the TV. Relax and enjoy the show from the comfort of your own home. There’s really nothing better.

2. Attend a Comedy Show

When struggling with addiction, it can become really dark and lonely as many people suffer from depression. Laughing can do wonders for your body when you are struggling, so finding a local comedy show when sober will only enhance the funny.

Order yourself a mocktail, grab an appetizer (if they offer one), and enjoy the different acts that perform. Who knows, comedy shows may be your new thing!

3. Go on a Hike

Getting outside and getting fresh air is good for your body and your brain. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a nice walk or hike outside. Go to your favorite spot, take some photos along the way, and listen to your favorite music as you enjoy the outdoors.

4. Create Your Own Garden

Starting a garden could be very rewarding for people who have a green thumb. Not only does a lot of thought, time, and energy go into it, it will produce homegrown fruits, veggies, herbs, and flowers that you can use for months.

This activity might be something you work on daily that becomes a habit you love. Don’t be discouraged if, after your first season, your garden doesn’t produce as much as you’d like; it does take time!

5. Start a DIY Project

If there is any decor, furniture, or art that you want to add to your home, consider DIY-ing. Doing it yourself (DIY) puts your head and hands together to create something out of objects you likely have lying around the house.

Coming up with a project to do might take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks; it just depends on your commitment! You may even find your next hobby while trying out different DIYs.

6. Volunteer

If you want to feel fulfilled and useful with your time off on the weekends, consider looking for different volunteer opportunities in your community. Whether you pick up trash in the park or volunteer at an animal shelter, you will feel good doing it.

7. Catch Up on Some Reading

We all know that getting behind on reading can happen easily. Take some time this weekend to sit down and catch up on pieces and books you’ve wanted to read. Peace and quiet can be just as fun as a loud concert.

8. Get Crafty

Always wanted to learn how to paint or draw? Why not just start this weekend? Watch a couple of videos if you’d like, or just go at the canvas and don’t look back.

Arts and crafts can be a really therapeutic way to have fun. Plus, handmade gifts are always thoughtful, and learning an art skill can really come in handy.

9. Try a New Recipe

If you are getting bored of eating the same things, use the weekend to learn a new recipe that you have been dying to try. Get together all the ingredients you’ll need, play a podcast or listen to your favorite album, and prep everything.

10. Visit a Museum

Many museums are affordable to attend, and some are even free on certain days. Find a museum you’ve never been to and check it out this weekend. You may explore different exhibits and art collections and meet people along the way.

Find Community With Soba

Sober activities don’t always need to be planned out intensively to avoid alcohol. They can be simple and creative, bringing fun into your own home or community. If you are still searching for more of a sober-specific community, consider sober living with Soba Recovery Center of San Antonio, Texas. Sober living has been proven to be effective in maintaining sobriety.

If you are serious about staying sober, you should always be continuing your recovery journey. Soba Recovery can be a place where you build up a community and also seek help. Whatever you need, we want to provide for you. Reach out to a Soba representative to learn more about how we can help.


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